The team of HQ Advisory is qualified to provide consultancy in several fields of knowledge in the following areas of Intellectual Property.

  1. Trademark Registration

When you plan to create and establish a new brand for your company, product or service, it is advisable to conduct brand protection research and analysis. A search for availability for brand protection is not only about checking that it is available, but about what ways to ensure it is protected according to company strategies.

HQ Advisory is the ideal partner to help you clearly and precisely define the strategy for protecting your brand, performing the procedures of search and analysis of priority, filing and tracking of trademark applications in Brazil and abroad.

2. Patents

Is your new product or method patentable? What is the potential scope available to protect your technology?

To answer these questions, HQ Advisory conducts the patent search service and compiles a report with an analysis of applicable strategies for possible patent protection.

HQ Advisory allocates a responsible and exclusive engineer to follow the initial process of analysis, development of patentability strategy and writing of Description of patent. It also carries out the procedures for filing and monitoring the patent application in Brazil and abroad.

3. Copyrights

Has your company produced any book, training or e-book? This type of material can be registered by Copyright, reinforcing the protection of its content. HQ Advisory has the expertise to help you perform this protection.

4. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

Are you going to deal with potential partners, suppliers and / or service providers and want to ensure the security of your strategic information? The legal area of ​​HQ Advisory has extensive experience in drawing up the necessary contracts for this protection.

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