HQ Advisory believes that an understanding of Intellectual Property is of key importance to entrepreneurs because of the strategic role it can play in various types of business. Training on patents and other aspects of Intellectual Property is essential for the entrepreneur to understand the relevance and possibilities of protecting the intellectual capital of his company.

With the purpose of disseminating this knowledge, HQ Advisory held several lectures with fundamental concepts of Intellectual Property and strategies related to it in innovation and entrepreneurship hubs, such as incubators and accelerators.

HQ Advisory also conducts in-company training customized according to the demand. We provide some examples of subjects taught in previous courses and workshops.

1. Patents and Principles of Intellectual Property

This workshop was idealized for technology-based companies, and has a more expressive focus on patent training. There are several cases where companies invest in the development of a new product or process and, by finalizing it and deciding to patent it, find that it does not meet the patentability requirements. Ideally, the search for similar patents should be a process carried out at the beginning of new projects, with the objective of more accurate knowledge of the state of the art and what the inventive step the company wishes to accomplish with the new development.

  • What is Intellectual Property?
  • What are the main categories of Intellectual Property?
  • Patents: what are the patentability requirements?
  • Patents: how to make an anteriority search?
  • Case study.

2. Intellectual Property for University Students

Cientes de que são raros os cursos universitários brasileiros que introduzem os conceitos de Propriedade Intelectual aos estudantes, a HQ Advisory elaborou e propõe palestras e cursos com o seguinte eixo central:

HQ Advisory has prepared an introductory lecture on Intellectual Property topics for university students with the following agenda:

  • What is Intellectual Property?
  • What are the main categories of Intellectual Property?
  • How and the reasons to seek information in patents, what are the prerequisites for a subject to be patentable;
  • The role of the University in Innovation (Brazilian Law of Innovation)

3. Competitive Intelligence and Intellectual Property

Competitive Intelligence (CI) is a strategy adopted by several companies interested in answer the following questions:

  • How are my competitors planning their growth?
  • Which products are my competitors developing?
  • What are the core technical skills of my competitors?

Competitive Intelligence analyzes current and future information to detect new opportunities, minimize surprises from competitors and increase reaction time to competitive threats.

Since a descriptive patent report is usually the first technical document on new products to be become public, monitoring patent banks is essential to keep up with trends in the industry and competitor movements.

In general, HQ Advisory’s training regarding the role of Intellectual Property includes the following main pillars:

    • Search in national and international patent banks: how to access and research this technological information?
    • Analysis of information present in the patent document and possible conclusions: has this research received considerable investment? What are the partnerships adopted for development (Universities, Research Institutes)? Does the patent seem to be important to the company or was it just asked to “make a number”?

If you are interested in something more personalized for your company, get in touch and get to know more!